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Strategic Development

At  Alliance, Dr. Rahhal can meet with your organization representatives to assess existing strategic plans and goals or create new ones, and integrate important diversity, inclusivity, and equity values so your organization can be ready to do the work. We have catered to both corporations and educational organizations to develop strategic plans together. Our services are adaptable to a wide range of needs! Dr. Rahhal has extensive experience in both Higher Education and Non-Profits.

Not sure what your team needs? Contact us today to create a plan together.

Developing a Diversity Strategic Plan for your organization?

Dr. Rahhal can consult with your organization and get you started to develop your vision and goals, as well as measurable outcomes. She is an engineer at heart, so data and metrics are a key part of our services.


Retreats: Need some interactive sessions for your retreat? Want to focus on team building and cross-cultural leadership development? Contact us today!

Webinars: Need a presenter for your next webinar? Most of our workshops can be provided via webinars too!

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