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Intercultural Validated Assessment

Developing Intercultural Competence to Foster a more Inclusive Organization

We are happy to announce that our team Leader, Dr. Rahhal, is a certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) qualified administrator. Utilizing the IDI assessment tool, we can work with teams to determine where each individual is on the intercultural competence continuum, as well as where the group is at, in order to discuss and design approaches to working towards more intercultural competence within your organization. This would be the first step to creating a team that is equipped to work and be inclusive in today’s diverse world.

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A team or company may wish to have all group members take the IDI. Dr. Rahhal will present and explain the Group Profile, which provides an overview of where the group collectively resides (no individual information) along the continuum.  This information can be used as baseline measure to assess the need and effectiveness of professional development programming.  Dr. Rahhal can also provide individual assessment results and an explanation of the Intercultural Development Plan.


Individuals may choose to take the IDI for their own professional development planning. Each individual who completes the assessment receives a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) to guide them towards the next stage of intercultural competence.

The results of the assessment and an explanation of the Intercultural Development Plan are provided by our IDI Qualified Administrator, Dr. Rahhal.


Cost to take the assessment is $25 per person.


Online assessment takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.


The group debriefs takes approximately 1 hour. (Separate Cost)

Individual debrief sessions take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. (Separate Cost)

Contact us today to create a package for your team to measure their cultural competence and determine next steps!

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