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Cross-cultural Leadership

Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity Workshops

At  Alliance we pride ourselves in providing unique workshops that discuss diversity and inclusion in a relatable manner, meeting each person where they are at. We have one-time sessions and packages we can tailor based on your team’s needs. We have catered to both corporate and educational venues. adapting our services to a wide range of teams in person, at retreats, or even via webinars!

Sampling of Topics

  • Demystifying Diversity

    • This session will discuss the facts and history behind “What is Diversity?”, the ‘business case’ for diversity, as well as how inclusivity is key to being truly diverse. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what diversity is and tips on creating a more inclusive environment.

  • Imposter Phenomenon

    • This workshop is popular amongst women entrepreneurs and students alike, as well as overachievers, both men and women, as they are encouraged to look at the reasons behind their feelings of self-doubt internally and externally, as well as find ways to overcome imposter feelings.

  • Implicit bias: The root of Stereotype Threat and Imposter Phenomenon

    • Curious about what biases you may face, or which ones you may be self-limiting with? This workshop provides an introduction to those unfamiliar with these concepts or those who want to discuss them with their peers in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.​​

  • Other topics may include a combination of our current workshops or topics like Understanding the Leader in You, Inclusive Teaching or workspaces, Emotional Intelligence, Microaggressions, Inclusive Leadership, etc.

Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment


Is intercultural competence important to you and your team? Do you want to take a step forward and identify where you and your team are and how to improve your intercultural competence skills to continue being a welcoming and inclusive group?


We provide a validated assessment for your team with our IDI qualified administrator, followed by a discussion of the group profile, and one-on-one sessions with your team members. This assessment will provide insight on where your team resides on the cultural competence continuum and how to move towards an inclusive culture. We will come up with a cultural competency plan together!

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