Leadership Development

At  Alliance, we tailor sessions based on your needs. We have catered to both corporations and educational venues including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, as well as faculty and staff. Our services are adaptable to a wide range of teams in person, at retreats, and of course via webinars!

Topic Examples:​

  • The A to Z of Networking: Business Cards, Email Etiquette, and LinkedIn

  • Can you Tie a knot? Team building and leadership development

  • Mentorship: Importance of Having Mentors and Becoming a Mentor

  • The Elevator Pitch: Being ready to answer the “Tell me about Yourself” question.

Additional Services:


Developing a Diversity Strategic Plan for your organization?

Dr. Rahhal can consult with your organization and get you started to develop your vision and goals, as well as measurable outcomes.


Retreats: Need some interactive sessions for your retreat? Want to focus on team building and leadership development and/or diversity and inclusivity? Contact us today!

Webinars: Need a presenter for your next webinar? Most of our workshops can be provided via webinars too!